Instagram is an awesome service that most of us love. There are millions of photos being uploaded daily all around the world, so why isn't there and easy way to see all photos from a specific location? That's when it really gets cool. When you can see what's going on at this very moment - anywhere on the planet. Well, since Instagram didn't provice that feature and we really wanted it, we just built it ourselves. Basically Worldcam is just a big Instagram search engine that let's you find the latest photos from any location on the planet.

Per Stenius

Here are some fun examples to try:
Grand Canyon, Playboy Mansion, Facebook HQ, Machu Picchu, Venice Beach & Great Barrier Reef
Fast Company
PC World
Year: 2012
Agency: Kinda like a big deal
Additional help: Sam Dallyn, Johan Sahlén & Hugo Wiledal