We had a brilliant idea. What if we could create peace on earth by the use of old "not sexy" underwear. You know the ones we all have in the back of the closet and never use anyway. If you just sent them to Björn Borg and marked it with the warmonger of your choice. And when we got enough we would actually deliver the underwear and hopefully they would get the message. "Here's a few thousand pairs of old underwear from people that want you to stop what you're doing!"

Here's a little film that introduces our idea:
We recieved thousands of "submissions" and in the tough competition with people like Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladin and Kim Jong-Il we still had one clear winner that by far received the most underwear. In April 2008 we made our first delivery to:
Silver - Guldägget
Silver - Gulltaggen
Honoree - Webby Awards
Shortlist - Cresta Awards
Digital Campaign of the month - Resumé
Year: 2008
Client: Björn Borg
Agency: Farfar
Production (Introduction): 112 Ocean Drive
Production (Delivery): m ss ng p eces