Remember way back when you used to buy all your music on CDs? Sometimes you could even put them in your computer's CD drive for some cool bonus content. For the release of rock band Millencolin's new album "Home from Home" we created a game that was included on the CD. But it was of course also available online. The album's first single was called "Kemp" and had a real cool video where all the band members were robots. The idea was that you could pick a member of the band and play their part in the song. You could either play guitar, bass, drums or sing and the objective was to play as accurate as possible. It's pretty much like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, only this was 3 years before Guitar Hero ever came out.

Here's a little video that explains it better:

Gold - Cannes Lions
Silver - CLIO Awards
Gold (x2) - Webbspelen
Digital Campaign of the month - Resumé
Year: 2002
Client: Burning Heart Records / Millencolin
Agency: Farfar
Film Production: Stylewar
Case video: Anders Plyhm