To reach a wider European audience, American car brand Chevrolet has started an initiative called Chevrolet FC where they sponsor two of the biggest clubs in the world; Liverpool FC and Manchester United.

However, the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool FC is one of the biggest in Europe. But even though Man U and LFC are the most bitter of rivals, they're almost identical as clubs with a stunning amount of similarities between them. They have won the league the same amount of times, they both play in red, they have won the European cups the same amount of times. And to top things off they're neighbouring towns. So we created a campaign called "Driven by each other" where the idea is that these two clubs through their similarities are spurring each other.

The idea to bring these bitter rivals together in one campaign generated a lot of buzz. The campaign was featured in Metro, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post and The Sun to name a few. Also, we increased Chevrolet FC's twitter followers by 700% in just a week and received over 17 000 shares on Facebook. The film was mainly spread digitally, but was also shown on TV in several countries around the world.
Year: 2013
Client: Chevrolet
Agency: McCann / Commonwealth
Production: Griffin Productions