A few years ago we created a half decent campaign site that no-one remembers anymore. It was a fighting game where you got to slap people with different kinds of fish. It definitely sounds a lot more fun than it actually was. For a little promotion video I agreed to get slapped with an eel. Don't think the footage was ever used, but I spent like an hour making a little Flash toy where you can play the video back and forth, just for the amusement of a few friends and co-workers.

Per Stenius

A few years later I realised I had a shitload of traffic on my server. Apparently I was big in Japan, without even knowing it. After coming to terms with being some kind of bizarre web celeb I bought and put up the site there. Since then I've had over nine million visitors. The Internet is a crazy place, kids. A crazy place.
Honoree - Webby Awards
Bronze - Lovie Awards
Year: 2012
Html & iPhone version: Oskar Sundberg
Props: Mats Öhlund